About Us

Who We Are

TechRoanoke was founded in 2014 by a group of tech savvy individuals who wanted to connect entrepreneurs, as well as political and non profit organizations to the tech community. Tech Roanoke was founded under a partnership with The Roanoke Conference, an annual conference held every January in Ocean Shores Washington where attendees discuss trends in politics, hear from experts on our most important issues, work together to find solutions to common problems, and forge relationships that will be crucial in winning political battles on the road ahead.

TechRoanoke is the essential technology training and networking event for conservatives and those on the center-right who want to get involved and make a difference in Washington State politics.

Spend one day listening, engaging, influencing, and building the next wave of political and technological change. Learn new skills, meet like-minded people, make new connections, and find business opportunities in both tech and politics.